Openhab stopping after mysql database

*I’m using Linux/Ubuntu I noticed that OpenHab is stopping AFTER the database (mysql)
should I update my systemctl to start openhab after Mysql and hence stop likewise

Currently its only prereq is network

I don’t think it’s a major problem. If you are shutting down you are going to miss some sensor readings anyway, What’s the impact of potentially losing a few seconds worth more?

It’s also not a problem to change it. You’ll still lose most of those same sensor readings when OH is down and the system is waiting on MySQL to shut down.

Thanks the main issue for me is this greatly impacts the time it takes to shut down, it appears to wait up to 2 minutes to stop openhab. I’m assuming it’s waiting to write to database.

Not necessarily. You should be able to tell what OH is waiting on from the openHAB logs, particularly if you put it into debug level logging.