Openhab stops sending to MQTT

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rpi4 4RAM SSDdisk 128G
    • OS: Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: do not know
    • openHAB version: openHAB 2.5.10-1
  • Issue of the topic:
    My Openhab working more than a Year on a new Rpi4 with SSD disk. All was right till some day i powered off Rpi without shutdown. Openhabian started correctly, but sometimes commands stopw sending to MQTT. I see, light set to on and it seems in HabPanel, but no command in MQTT broker and lamp have not get message to ON.

Data from broker is coming, temperatures and other measurements are seen in HAB panel. Manual sending commands to MQTT is working so broker is alive.
LOG file have no errors. I can find when last command was sent but in log no errors or warnings on that.

In parallel I play with new HomeAssistant directed to same MQTT broker. It is working and can manipulate same devices. I tryed to turn off HA when problem started, but on HA turned off problem happens too.

Any ideas where to search additional LOGinformation or what service check or try to restart?

If this only happened after the power outage it could be a corrupt operating system.

Do you have a second drive to try? Maybe you could copy your config to a new drive and see if all works well. Or you could just try to re install mosquito

Thank You for an answer.

I’m not sure is it happens after power outage. Just after a few days i found this problem. When it happens restart of system solve problem for a while (about a day or half)

I will try to copy config to another drive. Can I copy disk to disk by dd command or You think the best is to install new OS and then copy configuration? I have so many configurations additionally without OH like rf2mqtt, zigbee2mqtt and other…

Reinstall of mosquitto broker or mosquito client of OH?

It’s best to install a new OS. If the power outage did corrupt the file system, copying everything to the new drive will also copy the corruption.

Are any commands of KARAF to check sending commnds via mqtt client, or commands to restart mqtt client only?
Whole OS restarting helps for a while, but after evening restart at morning found same problem.
Reinstalling of mqtt binding not helps.

Just double checking - do you have Mosquitto broker installed, and the openHAB MQTT broker too? What do you mean by MQTT client? The MQTT binding? Can we see all your relevant MQTT configurations?

Mosquito as MQTT Broker is installed and accessible from OpenHAB, Home Assistant and I see and control it via mqtt-spy. All devices like lights are working when I send MQTT commands to them via mqtt-spy.

MQTT binding (I understand that it is MQTT client) is installed via PaperUI. MQTT binding version binding-mqtt - 2.5.10.


Something isn’t right here.

This is the V2 binding.


This is configuration for the V1 binding.

Are you sure this all worked before?

I am not sure this configuration is used in current binding, it was made few years before. Now I use binding-mqtt - 2.5.10 which was installed via PaperUI and need no additional configuring or I do not remember when did it.

Yes whole system is working now. When I restart Raspberry.

Thank You for this informatiom, It is really interesting I will try it.

I found solution.
I find that after restarting openhabian via ssh it starts but not accessible via Ethernet. I tryed to start ping from openhabian and saw very bad ping to any ethernet address. Power off/on helps.
I had one new RPI4 card and just try to change old to new. All is working perfectly without any reinstallation and tuning. Restarting via ssh is working too. Already is week without power off and all is working.