openHAB support for Sonoff

08 - Jan 2020
Hi All, a year has passed and we have upgraded the custom unlimited firmware images for Sonoff basic and Sonoff Safe Voltage (SV).
We have also released the new openHAB 2.5.0 platforms with custom iiotsys Web Application as per the integration we mentioned below, on new aarch64bit and x86_64 Ubuntu operating systems.
For all those conversions (where users flashed their Sonoff devices with our firmware) this now brings great exposure to the openHAB platform with seamless integration.

3 - Feb - 2019
Following my previous post wherin we showcased the full integration of iiotsys IoT Switches into openHAB is now in full swing and also offers alternative platform and firmware for Sonoff Basic switches to also seamlessly integrate into openHAB.
With previous kind permission of KAI, we now extend this invitation to further showcase the offerings. Search for us on Google Playstore iiotsys.
In keeping with the opensource nature of openHAB the pre-built virtual machines ( Ubuntu 18.04 x64 LTS), and Raspberry Pi Images (Ubuntu 18.04.2 x64 LTS (Bionic Beaver), remain free.

I wonder why this is not posted as a blog post (with some nice pictures and marketing).

Both parties would benefit. The open ecosystem of openHAB would needed to be emphasized of course, to remove the slightest idea of the foundation acting in commercial interests.

What do others think?

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@Gensys I am confused what do you provide and how is it related to sonoff?

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Hi Danny.

We provide a complete alternative to eWeLink “ewe” Mobile App, chinese platforms and firmware for the Sonoff Basic that just uses the budget Sonoff hardware for those cost concious folk. Our Mobile Apps “iiotsys”, apart from offereng 5 times more features than the Chinese platforms, then support publishing these converted Sonoff Switches into openHAB via the Mobile App API (openHAB server VM’s and RPI images provided free as well as the new firmware and custom flash utilities for the Sonoff Basic), for full MQTT control.
Once published to openHAB the following fully integrated configurations are created / managed effortlessly, items, sitemaps, mqtt config, mqtt persistence, rules, map transofmation and the consumer can then leverage the benefits of openHAB in terms of, Amazon Voice, Google voice and IFTT, plus the ability to seamlessly integrate whatever else they already have on openHAB with controlling the integrated Sonoff Switches.

I trust this answers your question?

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Hi David, thank you for this. Yes, clearly openHAB is centric to our preference for home automation server platforms. Respectfully I started this as a “off-topic” to not use this forum for commercial reasons unrelated to openHAB community, however, you are correct as this has enourmous benefit for both sides and I would really be interested in the forums feedback in this regard.
The challenge here is that generally many “plugins” are written for openHAB, however (as per KAI), little or no commercial providers actually write full integrations as we have done. Typically most non-commercial complementary plugins for openHAB suffer from maintenance whereas commercial providers dont, but it comes at a cost so at some point there is always commercials, but, I do believe what we have to offer will benefit the openHAB community on a global level.
I say global as currently the hardware we manufacture (iiotsys) is only manufactured in South Africa and is not yet marketed globally, however as of this moment many people have Sonoff devices but there is mileage in getting them onto openHAB, our solution effortlessly integrates the Sonoff Basic into openHAB.