OpenHAB support in iMx6S

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware:iMx6Solo
    • OS: Yocto
    • openHAB version:
  • Issue of the topic: We have working Yocto based BSP running on iMxSoloLite. We were planning to integrate OpenHAB on that board. The board is used in marine environment.
    My questions are

  • can OpenHAB runs on iMx6 processors?

  • What are the modifications needs to be done to make it work on iMx processors? Or will it straightaway installed in iMx processors?

*Did running OpenHAB in marine environment causes any issues?

Syed Ahmed

I don’t know that HW or OS but openHAB is Java so if you have a JVM v8, it should do.

Thanks Marcus Storm. We were using OpenJDK8 in our OS. open JDK8 is reference implementation for JAVA SE8. is it fine? I was new to JAVA development. So, please forgive me.

Syed Ahmed

Probably so, but you need to test and find out for yourself.

What kind of question is that? It does not relate to openHAB but about HW only.
If you put your server under water, it’ll very likely fail :wink:

Hi Markus Storm,

We had an openjdk8 installed in our system now. How should I install OpenHAB on my system. Is their any documents which will give an information on installations in ARM processors? Or Is it possible to cross compile OpenHAB for ARM processors from my PC?

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Ahmed

As openHAB is Java based, nothing needs to be cross compiled.
Please follow the steps decribed here

Hi Hans-Jorg Merk,

Instead of downloading OpenHAB manually into the board, is it possible to include OpenHAB as some sort of package into the board rootfs? If possible,can you point to that package download option.

Edit: Our board doesn’t have good quality internet connection. So, we needs to include those packages within the rootfs and flash it to the board.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Ahmed

I don’t know Yocto, but you should try installing openHABian.

Hi Markus Storm,

We were able to download the package and install it into our board file system.
According to OpenHAB tutorials, first OpenHAB start will work as dashboard. Unfortunately we were working on Headless device, We needs to work on OpenHAB through command line only, is it possible for OpenHAB to be run on headless device?
Thanks for your support so far. Now we needs to find a way to work on OpenHAB through command line process.

Thanks and Regards,
Syed Ahmed

openHAB or openHABian ?

of course, that’s its prime target. Access the dasboard on port 8080 from a PC.

Able to run OpenHAB successfully. Tested with Network binding and it works fine as shown in Tutorial.Might be working on ZIgbee devices next week.
Few points:
As discussed in this forum openjdk is really slow, it takes around 3.30 minutes for OpenHAB to launch.
Comparatively Zulu JDK8 launches OpenHAB in 45 50 seconds.
OpenHAB crashes while running in Zulu JDK11.

There are few things which are different between Java 11 and 8. Most importantly in new version there are some more restrictive rules for loading some classes which causes warnings and sometimes failures. Differences between Zulu and OpenJDK are some, yet Zulu is based on OpenJDK. Zulu as a product base has additional optimizations, Azul Systems also advertises it can do even more by caching generated code so subsequent restarts are even faster.
I been working recently on Yocto build with OH3 and Java 11 and I got it through, yet due to own reasons I had to change directory layout a bit. I have “persistent” data (which I push away from device anyway) and user config moved to different partition while “standard” openhab settings are delivered by filesystem image and rolled out when necessary.