OpenHAB support of Zooz

I reached out to The Smartest House in response to some of their Black Friday sale products not listing OpenHAB as supported. I got back this response:

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many platform issues with OpenHAB and new Z-Wave devices so we no longer recommend using OpenHAB with Zooz products.

Is this something that we’d expect to just work itself out over time as releases with updates happen twice a year or is there a more fundamental issue?

Thank you,

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They’re probably referring to openHAB not yet supporting 700 Series controllers (though other devices should work). There’s an extended conversation about that, so I won’t go into it here.

One of our community members used to speak with Zooz regularly and would add new devices to the database, but earlier this year they decided to move to another platform. I don’t think they would have bad-mouthed us to Zooz, but maybe Zooz took their departure as a bad sign.

It doesn’t really matter what Zooz thinks, though. Aside from the 700 controllers, any device can be added to our database by anyone. Nothing changes whether they recommend us or not.

Personally, I’m not planning to buy any more Z-Wave devices. I’ll keep the ones I have (particularly my door lock), but I think Matter/Thread will be the way to go (if it ever arrives).