OpenHAB Test-Environment Docker on Windows


I’d like to setup a docker environment for testing new releases in my environment. So the start and configuration of docker itself doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I can also run the OpenHAB container succesfully in bridge mode and was able to connect to my first things and control them. But I also want to use my Homematic things which can only be controlled if Docker is used in host mode.
But there my problem is: If I start the container in the host mode I am able to change the HTTP and HTTPS port but after the start I am not able to connect to Openhab. Also Docker is showing that no port is binded so maybe something is missing. Netstat at Windows also not showing the ports.

Anyone can help with Openhab + Docker in Host mode?

Last time I checked you cannot use host mode with Docker on Windows and macOS. That’s why I added it to the docs:

Ok this is a good explanation. I did a lot of google research but never found a hint like this.

Is there maybe another solution for running Openhab in bridge mode while connecting a Homematic bridge to it? I think that the callback from the bridge seems to be the problem? Maybe the internal IP address or more exposed ports may help?

I am also experiencing a problem running openhab and homematic on docker in a bridged network environment.
I do not have any explanation for this behavior, as the containers on the bridged network shall have all ports exposed by default (like both containers running on network mode host).

The Bridge thing gets discovered, but all device things are not discovered.

Did anybody find a solution?