Openhab und enigma2

Hallo ich brache dringen hilfe mit den einstellingen für enigma2

habe openhab auf einen PI instlliert
habe auch es schrit fur schit versucht komme da mit der verwaltung nicht ganz klar
habe http und regex install
und habe dan unter Configuration Items gigablue angelegt da ist schon das wo und was mus ich einstellen
und das nechste ist das ich auch nicht gneu weis wo ich die verlinkungen eintragen mein versuch war /srv/openhab2-conf den habe ich lokal auf den pc gezugen und mit eclipsec runtergeladen zum bearbeiten aber leider weis ich nicht wie und was ich gnau machen soll

danke schon mal für hilffe

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Thank You

@wolfifam1 post translated to English:

Hi I urge you to help with the settings for enigma2

have openhab instlliert on a PI
have it synonymous schrit for schit tried because the administration is not very clear
have http and regex install
and have created dan under configuration items gigablue there is already where and what I need to adjust
and the next is that I do not gnew where I enter the links my attempt was / srv / openhab2-conf I have locally on the pc and gezugen with eclipsec downloaded to edit but unfortunately I do not know how and what I should do gnau

thank you for helping me

For a Linux apt-get install, items created in OH should be done in /etc/openhab2/items. It is recommended to not use /srv/openhab2-conf for adding or changing items, things, sitemap, etc… files.

Here you can find the documentation and example configuration for OpenWebIf.

Bei einer apt-get-Installation unter Linux sollten in OH erstellte Elemente in / etc / openhab2 / items ausgeführt werden. Es wird empfohlen, / srv / openhab2-conf nicht zum Hinzufügen oder Ändern von Elementen, Dingen, Sitemap usw. zu verwenden.

Hier finden Sie die Dokumentation und Beispielkonfiguration für OpenWebIf.

I can not even get that far, I can send some pictures or send you a link from the openhab

Just so I understand where you are and what your trying to do.
You have OH running on Pi, with access to PaperUI web interface, where you configured the item gigablue. Now you want to access this items file to make changes, correct?

Hello i can send a link

In OH you can either create your things/items in PaperUI or create them in a text file but you can’t do both. I noticed gigablue is a group item but that’s all I can tell from the pic.

If you need to use text files, the location to create them is /etc/openhab2/items for items and etc/openhab2/things for things. When you create a new file it will be empty and you must add everything.

Example item file for PiHole item:

Notice the items file on the left. All items are placed here and named using the .items extension.

You cant see the full item in the pic but notice how the item starts with being defined as a Number, then item name, and so on. This is all in the doc’s under Items configurations.

Can you help me through TeamViewer Help and show what I’m doing wrong can also give some money

Can you please provide more information?
Which instruction did you use?
What does already work / what not?

Your instruction ( is a little bit old but should be valid.
e.g “Smart Home Designer” is replaced by Microsoft VSCode.

I have a dreambox, but I it is not linked to OH2. A good old infra-red remote control (Harmony One) is much more usefull.
There are some android apps providing voice control for enigma2. In my opinion voice control is just a gadget for enigma2 - but this was not your question.

To summarize the guide:

  1. install http and regex binding
  2. create a group (not sure why. It is not used in the examples. But it is still usefull.)
  3. create items for the http binding
  4. create sitemap elements
  5. create rules to fire up http request, triggerd by sitemap elements.

It is essential, that you test your http statements.
If you enter http://IP-Address/web/vol in your browser, you should see some xml:


If this is working, you can try your regex expressions. For this, you can copy the xml and paste it on as your “Test String”.
I don’t know which “Flavor” OH2 uses. Your howto says it must be python.

The regex expression is located in your howto.
Your http reqest:


The regex filter is:


Regex101 mus show you a result and no errors.
That must work. OH2 does the same. If your manual way fails, OH2 will also fail.

Solved via PM.