Openhab uninstalls somes addon alone

Dear all,
I have DMX installed by paperUi and KNX installed by copy paste in addons directory.
One day, I gone in paperUI to look something and I saw a notification : DMX Addon uninstalled.
KNX too but without notification.
How it is possible ? Can I secure my installation ? (in the past, I had installed add on with a line in a setup file. Is it possible again?)

Yes you can.
You need to edit the addons.cfg in your conf/services folder

It looks like this in my case:

# A comma-separated list of bindings to install (e.g. "binding = sonos,knx,zwave")
binding = espmilighthub,http1,exec,nest,network,tcp1,weather1,caldav-command1,mqttitude1,mqtt1,chromecast,astro,expire1,systeminfo,samsungtv,openhabcloud

The name of the bindings can be found in the paperUI:


Thanks a lot,
I have something else strange.

In items :
Number state

In rules :
postUpdate(state, 0)

It doesn’t work anymore ?

Have a nice day

You shouldn’t use a keyword as an item name.
Use itemname.postUpdate(0) instead

no sorry it’s just for example :slight_smile:in reality I have :
items :
Number exhibitionStatus “allalalala : [%s]”

sitemap :
Text item=exhibitionStatus icone=switch

postUpdate(exhibitionStatus, 0)

In my view I always see “-”
Same thing with exhibitionStatus.postUpdate(0)

In OpenHab1 I have not this problem.

It’s a number so:

Number exhibitionStatus “allalalala”

The [%s] is for Strings

I always have a - in place of number or string, I have tried a lot of things…
In openhab 1 i had no problem. I don’t know why.

I don’t know why either
What does the log say when you update the item file?

When I create a rules, with a button and sendCommand it’s OK.
But for the Initialization rules : System started, the command postUpdate .postupdate or sendCommand doesn’t work.

Do you have persistence installed?


Number exhibitionStatus “allalalala : [%d]”


Number exhibitionStatus “allalalala : [%.2f]”

- most likely means that the state is NULL. Check the state of the item using the console (or the REST API)

My solution, in first rule system started I call a another rule with a sendCommand… LOL
Yes I have persistence installed (in the import lines)