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Hello Community. I have a question about notifications in OpenHab app (Android). I download OpenHab app from play market and now I have this app in my phone, and can get from this app push notofications (I use openHab cloud and write some rules with sendNotification action). But if I have a lot of flats with OpenHab installations and want to get push messages on my phone form each of these flats. How can I do that ?

The service only supports one instance of OH at a time. Similarly, the Android app currently only supports one OH instance at a time (they are adding support for more OH instances to the Android app I think).

You have several options.

  1. Set up a VPN so that all the OH instances can see each other. Set up MQTT 2.5 Event Bus and configure all the OH instances to funnel all the alerts to a single OH instance. That OH instance then generates all the push notifications.

  2. Use an alternative push notification service like Telegram. If your push notification service of choice doesn’t have a native Oh binding, MQTT Warn is a separate little

  3. Use the Mail binding and issue alerts over email. Many phone providers offer an email to SMS gateway which you could use to send SMS messages via email.

Hello. I have one more question about option2. I try to use telegram group chat to get notify from bot, that I succesfully created according to following instruction:

I use command with my token, and chat ID with “-” sign (because I use group chat).
And after this I succesfully receive text in chat. But I can’t get messages via openHab.


rule “Send Notification via Telegram”
Item DI0sw changed from OFF to ON
logInfo(“notifications”, “Sending notification via Telegram.”)
sendTelegram(“openHab2”, “This is our notification sent via Telegram.”)

What wrong I do ?

this is configuration for old binding (1.x)
In new binding (2.x) all information must be in Things.


    Thing telegram:telegramBot:Telegram_Bot [chatIds="378xxx846", 

and rule:

rule "Telegram msg"
   Item DI0sw changed from OFF to ON
   val telegramAction = getActions("telegram","telegram:telegramBot:Telegram_Bot")
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Thank you for your answer. As i understand, in new OpenHab configuration I don’t need to type bot name. Token and chatID is enought ( Thing telegram:telegramBot:Telegram_Bot - static expresion ?). Am I correct ?

Yes, you are right.