openHAB Virtual Meetup 2020 and Call for Presentations (December 5th)

Edited, Date change to December 5th

Hello openHAB community!

We are planning on hosting a openHAB virtual community event on December 5th. The format will be a series of presentations focused on openHAB, including UI improvements, new core features and more!

We are looking for volunteers that would like to present a 10-20 min presentation on a new binding, cool integration, updated build and tooling, really anything that would be of interest to our general community, both developers and end users alike.

The current plan is to have presenters submit presentation ideas to the Foundation Board between now and October 23rd. From there we will build an agenda based on the proposals that are accepted and let presenters create their full presentation in a Google Slides format by November 13th. The event will most likely be presented as a Google hangout broadcasted on Youtube, with discussion and follow ups on our forums (this is still TBD)

If you are interested, please submit your presentation’s title, summary and required time (not to exceed 20 mins) to me via a direct message on the forum.

I will be posting more details on the event as we get closer to November.

Looking forward to seeing your presentation ideas !


Please keep those presentation ideas coming !

If you have never presented before, this is great opportunity to do so! Giving a technical presentation like this is a great addition to a resume, helps educate our users and is a wonderful way to connect with the larger openHAB community. I know there are many of us who would be happy to review and assist if people are looking for feedback or suggestions.


We are still looking for presenters ! With so many great community topics on openHAB features and bindings, we would love to have some as presentations! For example, some ideas i have had are:

  • 3.0 Rules engine - writing rules in Javascript and Python (and now groovy as well), this would be very, very awesome to have!
  • MQTT in 2.x/3.x (feel like a talk on usage would be super helpful)
  • new features in OH Core ( any core @maintainers , looking at you!)
  • New and interesting bindings
  • Alexa or Google Home features (lots of new stuff in Alexa )
  • Zigbee and/or Zwave

I will probably extend the deadline by a few more days, so please PM if you are interested !!!