openHAB vs Conventional Home Automation

Hi Friends,

I have veralite and 3-4 modules that I am using to control lights and AC and few other things. I started off with a conventional method, by adding everything via veralite web portal, creating scenes and schedules and everything is working perfectly, I then downloaded imperihome pro and everything is working from mobile as well. NOW I came across openHAB, and the Geeky insect inside me dragged me to try this and with a truck load of an effort and help from dayday1 I managed to create a scene in HAB Panel add everything and everything was working good.

My question is WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN USING openHAB as against the easier alternatives. I mean all this I was able to do, with just few click using imperhome; with openHAB everything was manual and complicated to achieve the SAME thing. I am sure this is not the objective of openHAB, there must be something that I am missing. What exactly is the advantage of using openHAB,??, going all manual, over what already is available and is much easier to setup and configure?

Pardon my ignorance, and apologiese if I sound prudent, but I really would like to know as again my Geeky insect wants to explore more into openHAB to understand what exactly is its purpose.


From the homepage

Integrate Everything

With its pluggable architecture openHAB supports more than 200 different technologies and systems and thousands of devices!