Openhab Wear os complications

Now with Google assistant integration is easy to control items with smartwatch. “Ok Google, Connect the alarm,… Ok Google switch off the lights, etc…” but Will be great yo have OH item complications on the watchfaces, to check in a easy way the status of most important items… %humidity of a room, thermostat temp, door/windows status, etc…"
Is there any plan to create a wear os app?

Thanks to all involved on OH project!!!

Check the Github repo for an open issue and open one if there isn’t one already. But please be prepared to describe exactly how you would want to use a complication like this. It isn’t really clear to me what I would do beyond putting a Voice Input complication that would let me talk to OH similar to the microphone icon on the app.

Hi, this is most a “feature request” of a wear os app. sorry but I maybe has confused you with the google assistant integration. I’m talking about only to have openhab item data avaliable on wear os complications.

The idea of watchface complications is to show relevant info of wear os isntalled apps on the watchfaces. Each installed app could expose its data as selectable complication on the watch. By example, google fit expose step counter, activity time… strava expose total runned activity in the week, lifesum app expose total consumed calories…

Will be great to have on the watch “bubbles” info of openhab items, like the home temperature/humidity, etc… not to interact with them, but to check their status.

My fear though is most of us have hundreds to thousands of Items. Scrolling through over a thousand Items in the list under OH is simply not usable IMHO.

You can look at Tasker and AutoWear which might give you what you are looking for. If not, please file the issue at the repo I liked above.

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If items could be selected as favorites and the wear app only displays those items, it seems pretty usable to me.

How would one do that? There is no mechanism to select Items as favorites in any UI. To support that will require also opening issues on the Android app and/or PaperUI to create a UI form to do this.

This isn’t implemented yet.

Hi both of you

could you tell me whats already possible with a smart watch running wear os

can the smart watch receive notifications from the openhab server using the openhab android app?

I can see that Google assistant can controll items from your post so that answers one of my questions

I’m only posting here as I have not got any response in a thread I created I’m interested in buying a watch but maily want one for openhab and if you both have one you must be able too answer this question

Thanks as always :smiley:

Yes, of course. Any notification on your phone will appear on the watch.

But if you want to respond to the notification or control things outside of what Google Assistant can do you will need to use something like AutoWear and Tasker to achieve it, at least for the time being. There is tons of work being done on the Android App so who knows what will be possible in the near future.