Openhab will not control Zwave devices after update

Hi all,

I just updated openhab via Linux update console and this apparently was a mistake. After restart of my box the zwave devices no longer turn on/off via the UI.

I ran and the zwave binding is started. All nodes are recognized and i can see them alive however they are not controllable.

My whole set up is done as root user. Further the openhab process that is autostarted when the machine boots is not registering the zwave binding. HELP!

I already checked the config/ items and usb port recognition. Root obviously belongs to the dialout group so that isnt it. Any ideas on where to start are appreciated.

Been bitten by this myself. When you switch from manual install to an update install, the update does a number of things which you should examine. First and foremost, OH now starts under systemctl not via the /etc/init.d/openhab start method. You can still invoke that but it fails over to systemctld. It also runs as user “openhab”. The startup scripts triggered by systemctl go through and set what they think are the proper permissions, but you a real code-snarl instead. The first time this happened to me I ended up archiving my customizations, uninstalling OH completely and then laying the customizations back in. I recommend you do this unless you enjoy hours of chasing layers of snarl.

The other thing to be aware of is that various file locations change in an apt-get install vs manual one. It is documented on the wiki, but a bit obtusely.

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Thank you for the info. Took your advice and i am back up and running.

Sorry for the ongoing noob question here. DO we know how to clear up this issue in ubuntu?