Openhab with Alexa and Openwebnet (Bticino Myhome)

Hi to everybody and first of all congratulation for the wonderful job done with both Openhab and the Openwebnet binding!
Its almost a year i’m controlling my BTicino Myhome using Openhab 2.4 installed on a Qnap NAS TVS 683 and everithing is working perfectly.
Few days ago i decided to buy a Alexa to add to the system but, after all configuration, i was able to control just lights. No way to have rollershutter working.
Alexa always replay with “device isn’t responding, please check its network connection and power supply” to all command for rollershutters; lights, as i sayd, are working perfectly.
I also added the “autoupdated=false” in the .items file using this string: Rollershutter AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter “Tapparella Ufficio” {alexa=“Switchable”, autoupdate=“false”}
But nothing to do.
My rollershutters doesn’t have state, therefore just up and down command. I also forced in the Item PaperUI page the Autoupdate but nothing changed.
I went trought all internet and forum but i was not able to solve the problem.
Someone can help a “old” fortran programmer lost into these new softwares languages?? :wink:

Thanks a lot for any help

From the information you provided, it should work. The autoupdate="false" metadata config would indeed tell the skill to not retrieve the item state.

Have you triggered an Alexa discovery after you updated your configuration? It seems that you updated the same item config via the items file and also the Paper UI. I have seen issues with this in the past with some conflicts. You may have to rename your item and stick to one way or the other. What does this REST API call return? Last, what is the actual command utterance you are requesting?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for your support.

The rullershutter item is configured in this way:
Rollershutter AutomationWHERE45_RollerShutter “Tapparella Cucina” {alexa=“Switchable” [autoupdate=“false”]} but Alexa always replay “device isn’t responding, please check its network connection and power supply” and yes, everytime i update the itemlist, i delete the alexa item and ask for a new discovery.
I agree with you about some conflic using paperUI and Item file, thats the reason i’m using now just the item file.
regarding the API, it’s returning this:
{“link”:“",“state”:“NULL”,“metadata”:{“alexa”:{“value”:“Switchable”,“config”:{“autoupdate”:“false”}}},“editable”:true,“type”:“Rollershutter”,“name”:“AutomationWHERE45_RollerShutter”,“label”:"Tapparella Cucina”,“tags”:[],“groupNames”:[]}

what i’m doing wrong??


There are too many moving parts here. First, why did you move the autoupdate=false in the Alexa metadata parameters? Secondly, stick to your initial item definition that I confirmed to be good. Thirdly, your initial response, which I noticed you edited, had autoupdate=true in the API response; that’s the problem and most likely because you updated the same item config via the items file and also the Paper UI causing some conflicts. Can you use a brand new name for that item and stick to either or config method. Last, for any change you make on the OH side, you need to make sure to trigger a discovery to propagate the changes on the Alexa side.

Basically, your goal is to have autoupdate=false when you query the REST API.

Hi Jeremy, thanks again for your time.

Because i had done tons of test with the AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter, i modified the itemlist using a differet rollershutter that was never used, just to make sure there wasn’t garbage around.
Therefore i used the AutomationWHERE45_RollerShutter in the itemlist but i made a mistake because i putted in my previous message the API of the AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter just clicking your link.
After i reconize i changed the API adress to check the AutomationWHERE45_RollerShutter.

Of couse beacuse there was no AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter configured in the itemlist, it coudnt get the “autoupdated=false”.
Sorry for the confusion to modified the message but i coudnt believed you were online.

Clarified this and back to the first itemlist Rollershutter AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter “Tapparella Ufficio” {alexa=“Switchable” [autoupdate=“false”]}

the API response is {“link”:“",“state”:“NULL”,“metadata”:{“alexa”:{“value”:“Switchable”,“config”:{“autoupdate”:“false”}},“autoupdate”:{“value”:“true”}},“editable”:true,“type”:“Rollershutter”,“name”:“AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter”,“label”:"Tapparella Ufficio”,“tags”:[],“groupNames”:[]}

Seems that Alexa doesnt see the autoupdate=false

Thanks and sorry again

That’s because you moved the autoupdate=false in the Alexa metadata parameters. The correct item definition, which you have in your initial post, is:

AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter "Tapparella Ufficio" {alexa="Switchable", autoupdate=false}

If you don’t need autoupdate=false for anything else on the OH side, then you can just set itemStateRetrievable=false in the Alexa metadata parameters. It will have the same effect at the skill level.

AutomationWHERE12_RollerShutter "Tapparella Ufficio" {alexa="Switchable" [itemStateRetrievable=false]}