openHAB with elevator

(astuscore ) #1

Hello! :wave:
Is it possible to control elevator through OH2. Thank you in advance. :+1:

(Angelos) #2

Hellooooo ! :wave:
(…what a perfect fit for this one: How to ask a good question !)

You could control a NASA Space Shuttle with OH2 if you wanted!

Expedition 58 is launching in a few hours: 10:30 UTC. You can still make it !

Here is Russian Cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev running the latest openHABian with OH2.4 Milestone 7, having a customized HABPanel dashboard and using voice commands with the Google Assistant Action.

Ok Google, set rocket :rocket: fuel mix to 58% kerosene :boom:

In Russian: “О’кей, Google установил смесь ракетного топлива на 58% керосина”

Bonus: Here is the source code !

Yes, of course, I am going to troll you! :rofl:

(Angelos) #3

Live now: (with OH 2.4.0.M7 onboard !) :slight_smile:

The rule used:

var Timer Launch_Timer = null
val Integer Launch_TimeOut = 5

rule "Soyuz MS-11 Launch" // Launch Soyuz MS-11 missile
	Item Stage_2_Trigger changed from OFF to ON
	if (Kerosene_Level.state > 80 ) {
		if (Launch_Timer !== null) {
			logInfo("MS-11","MS-11 Launch Timer rescheduled for " + Launch_TimeOut + " minutes")
		} else {
			logInfo("MS-11", "MS-11 Launch Initiated ! Turn ON Engines")
			logInfo("MS-11","Launch Timer created with " + Launch_TimeOut + " minutes")
			Launch_Timer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(Launch_TimeOut))
				if (Stage_2_Trigger.state ==  ON) {
					logInfo("MS-11","MS-11 Timer triggered, but rescheduled again for " + Launch_TimeOut + " minutes")
				} else {
					logInfo("MS11", "MS11 Launch has been cancelled ! Turn OFF Engines")
					Launch_Timer = null


(Mark) #4

I’m pretty sure they’re running the snapshot builds. :wink:

(Christoph Wempe) #5

To give you a slightly better buch less fun answer:

It depends!
If your elevator supports an open protocol like mqtt, it would not be that difficult.
But I guess big elevator companies do not care much for home automation.

I would suggest to cross-reference the features of your elevator with the list of openHAB bindings.