OpenHab with Eltako FSB12, FTS12EM, FAM14 and FGW14

Hello everybody,

I recently installed openhabian on a Pi3 B and want to use it to control my roller shutters.

At the moment they can be controlled by up and down switches connected to several Eltako FTS12EM which are connected to several FSB12. I have connected the Pi via USB to an FGW14-USB in mode 6. On the series 14 bus are also a FAM14 and another FGW14 in mode 3. The FSB12 actors are connected to this FGW14. With the FAM14 I gave both FGW14 an address.

In openhab I configured the FGW14-USB as an EnOcean gateway and created a classic device with a rollershutter channel.

For the teach-in I turned the upper rotary switch of an FSB12 to position 180 and the lower one in the learning position. The red LED starts blinking. Unfortunately, it does not stop blinking when I click on up or down of the classic device in openhab.

It seems to me like I am missing something regarding the teach-in. Maybe the second FGW14 does not correctly pass on the teach-in message to the FSB12.

Does anybody use a similar system and got it to work? Is it at all possible to get it to work with FSB12 and FGW14 or should I upgrade my FSB12 to FSB14?



Hey Julius,

I have more or less the same setup. Yet I’m trying to connect through the FAM14 with EnOcean.

Please keep us posted if you get any further.


Hey Julius,
Did you add the rs485 option to your thing?

Bridge enocean:bridge:gtwy "EnOcean Gateway " [ path="/dev/ttyEnocean", rs485=true, espVersion="ESP2", rs485BaseId="01000000"]  {

I yes, maybe @fruggy83 can help…


Hello Karsten,

thank you for your reply. The rs485 option is activated. As path I’m using /dev/ttyUSB1 which seems to work, as its status is “online” in the PaperUI.
You’re using “01000000” as base ID, is there a reason for that? Is the base ID in Openhab tied to the “factory” ID of the Eltako FAM14 or the ID you give to the FGW14/FGW14-USB via the FAM14?