openHAB with Fibaro

how to connect Fibaro getaway (Home Center 3) with openHAB without using a z-wave stick

The best way it would be to develop a whole new binding for openhab. This would require some knowledge and java skills, however.

You can look for a integration with MQTT for HC3 on a fibaro forums. Maybe this way you would have some sync between oh and hc3 through mqtt.

A for my experience with fibaro hubs - I have come to openhab straight from hc2. I have sold my hc2 and for this money bought a NUC, much stronger even than hc3 and even had some pennies for a beer or two. Then I have moved all my zwave devices straight to openhab using zwave binding and aeotec zwave usb stick. Never looked back because I find stability of zwave stack in openhab much much greater than in hc2. I don’t know hc3 though (but read stories from fibaro forum :D)

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Any connecting of systems that are designed to be central control units is no good ide by design, it’s just overcomplicating your system.
ZWave devices you can control directly from OH so there is no point in attempting that.