Openhab with Xiaomi gateway

Hi, I just got my openhab binding with my Xiaomi gateway. I tested to see if it worked by adjusting the brightness and lights and seems to working. My question is:

  1. Understand this is offline and not cloud based. Does that means if I switch off my laptop ( where it is currently connected) it will disconnect?
  2. I installed Android apps and can see it function but the moment i switched off my laptop it gets undetected. Presume same as point 1?
  3. Does that means I need a laptop switch on 24/7 to have it work? Our is there alternative option?
  4. is it possible if you set that is my gateway sounds (from alarm) it sends to google home and finally alert me on my mobile? If yes use there a guide?

As there are multiple bindings & connection methods for this device, it is prob good to clarify which one you exactly use.

Thanks. I think I have figured out most of it… I installed latest OH3 on my laptop (to get testing before investing on raspberry). I binded Xiaomi gateway and tplink. Setup remote access and link to google assistant. My question is:

  1. I can seem to find arm/disarm channel on Xiaomi gateway despite having the sensors
  2. I have all sensors setup but not able to distinguish which sensors belongs to which areas. I check on Xiaomi home for common ID between those sensor found nothing
  3. I testing a Xiaomi plug with Google home and it works (eg power on, or power off). How do I able to to change the command (eg Power room one on, or power room one off)?
  4. For point 1, can OH send notification to phone? (Eg if alarm alerted send notification to phone)

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