openHAB with xmeye camera

Can I connect my camera (model trx-jo013mpx-13) to openHAB?
Here is the camera
You can see the camera here

You can try shinobi:

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I’m new to all of this. Can you give me more info?
I see “There is no openHAB binding (yet)”

Read on… You don’t need a binding

Hmm I still don’t know what to do. Can you use Shinobi and controll it with openHAB ?

No one ? I have this problem for like a week and i don’t know what to do…

What do you mean “control it?”

I want all my network to be controled from openHAB. I installed my motion detectors now i just need to make this camera work. If it does i will get 3 more.

What do you mean by that? Just watch it?

not jsut that it has a motion detection, sound.
I can then do rules to send my a notification.
The hard part is in the begining. Seeing a picture