Openhab works slow, CPU of the RPI is high

I do not use primitives in my rules, and since the problem started I do not copy all the files as a batch.
Whenever I make a change - it is only to one rules file, and I upload only that file.

I also read your recommendations here, some of which I read even before writing my rules.

  • I have no Thread::sleep in my rules - instead I usually use items with the expire binding. Sometimes I use createTimer.

  • I do not use executeCommandLine in my rules.

  • I do use sendHTttp*Request, to start/stop video recording and send email with video when my door is opened:

  • Many of these are within a createTimer, in order to make sure the rule is not running for too long:

    createTimer(now.plusSeconds(1), [ |
    logInfo(“EntranceDoorOpened”, “BEGINNING: Start iSpy Recording”)
    sendHttpGetRequest(“”) // Start iSpy Recording
    logInfo(“EntranceDoorOpened”, “END: Start iSpy Recording”)

Since I cannot find any solution to this new issue, I have started re-installing openhabian, hoping that this will solve my issue (maybe something was corrupted with the upgrade to 2.5 (and last nigh also downgrade back to OH2.4).

Are there additional things you recommend I should check in my rules?

I really try to be a “good student” here, but I don’t know what I am missing.