Openhab x Kanexpro communication TCP/IP

Hello, I have KanexPro switching matrix, which can be controlled by TCP/IP commands and I tried to control it through OpenHab3, however in OpenHab3 there is no TCP/IP binding anymore. Is there a way to take controll of it? Here is a PDF with documentation of controlling KanexPro matrix:
Any help will be appreciated!

You may want to consider looking at a combination of Node-Red and OH. Node-Red can issue the tcp commands triggered by OH.

I have had great success with this solution.


There is a third party location which offers the TCP/UDP binding for OH3:
By adding link to your OH3 setup ( third party json ) you can access the offered bindings like those from marketplace.

It seems like the easiest way so far. Where should I place the addons.json file? After adding this file should I be able to download TCP binding via OH3 config site or I have to install it manually?

  • login to main ui using admin account
  • go to settings
  • system services => JSON third party add-ons
  • enter the URL in the URLs field
  • then you should be able to search for TCP in the marketplace area where you also can install it from

Ok, thank you for your help. I’ll try it soon.
Best wishes.

I’m a bit confused due to configuration. I added thing by openhab site configurator and gets status offline or initializing. Can you help me by showing an example how it should be configured according to manual that I have posted in first post?