Openhab Z-Wave Problem - maybe easy fix

Hey guys, I’ll Try to keep this short.

I installed openhab previously on /opt/openhab and then installed z-wave server via:
wget -q -O - | sudo bash

Zwave server worked great and it showed up as GREEN color in putty under /opt/openhab

I could control my devices and everything.

I then had to re install openhab in a different directory for debug purposes with mosquitto, into /opt/work

PROBLEM IS, I can’t get Z-wave to install in that directory, and work so that I can access it successfull, like before.

It keeps installing in /opt , and inside that newly created directory I can find then “green” z-way-server

I’m doing something wrong somehow from when I first set it up in my initial installation, I just can’t figure out what the problem is.

thanks for all the help, I’ve been searching and can’t find out why.