Openhab1 and maxcube stable?

Hello everyone ,

a short question, please answer briefly and in large numbers:

For whom is openhab1 stable together with maxcube ???

My system kills the cube every few weeks, which can only be resuscitated by a reset.

The game repeats itself too often, I have already replaced the cube.

I Ask myself if I remove the whole system or if I dare to try again …

Greetings and nice advent.

It’s not ‘the system’ to kill the cube but the cube to hang up (it even does so for some people without OH being connected).
You should enable exclusive connection (no polling) and cease to use the MAX! interface.
And as you should move OH2 anyway, maxcube lockups seem to happen less often with the OH2 binding.

I struggled with Cube about a year, migration to OH2 improved situation only a little. The biggest improvement (actually for a couple of weeks) was turning off the Cube, and migration to Homegear as a controller and CC1101 868 MHz tranceiver as a radio interface. RF module is connected to SPI bus of Raspberry running OH, so at this moment everything works completely stable (unlike the cube).

Interesting, do you have pointers for homegear and the RF HW part ?

Wiring diagram is here:
Important: this is a picture of RasPi 1, versions 2 and 3 have more pins so be careful while connecting.
CC1101 module you can buy i.e. on Aliexpress (find 868MHz version, chip can work both on 433 MHz and 868 MHz, but antenna are different). I bought my here:
Couple of minutes of soldering and you can connect to RasPi :über-SPI/67

Configuration (pairing of thermostats, linking in groups) you have to do from homegear console, and then OH2 has a binding for homegear - it automatically detects devices, exposes them as things etc.

Hi Markus, it looks like there is no enhancement to the maxsystem. Your hints are exacly what I always did. Most topics inside forums go around to remove the cube and use another RF-gateway. I’ll have to face with it. Thx. Ralf.

Yep, seems like the way to go is to plug in a CUL and add homegear to get rid of maxcube. Have just been too busy / lazy to do that so far.