OpenHab2 and Linear NGD00Z-4 Garage Door Controller

I followed your instruction. Now the door works.

// items. I removed the [(]" from the Switch, as it shows as On and Off, ON is closed, confusing to me. So I put mapping at sitemaps.

Switch Garage_Dr “Garage Door”
Number Garage_Dr_Position “Garage Door Position[MAP(]” {channel=“zwave:device:5a8b5492:node25:barrier_state”}

//the exact same rule.
//sitemap, But this position shows as “0, 254, 255”

Frame label=“Garage Door” {
Switch item=Garage_Dr label=“Garage Door” mappings=[ON=“Closed”, OFF=“Open”]
Text item=Garage_Dr_Position label=“Current Position[MAP(]”}

How to show the position as your Can we use Rollershutter as the item?

Screenshot from 2017-08-06 22-24-44

It looks to me like the issue you have is that you are transforming the Garage_Dr_Position twice… once in the Item and again in the sitemap. The value coming from the Item should be OK as it is. You also shouldn’t need to add the label to the sitemap either, since you defined it in the Item. Try this with the MAP in the Items:

Frame label=“Garage Door” {
    Switch item=Garage_Dr
    Text item=Garage_Dr_Position

I just use the gGarageDoor (you can see it in my item definitions) group in my sitemap, but prefer HABpanel.

here is what I got, with the sitemap at post 22
Screenshot from 2017-08-06 19-56-24

I take back what I said about the double transforms :slightly_smiling_face:. That does not seem to be the problem. Using this in my sitemap:

Switch item=GarageAttached_Door label="Garage Door (Attached) [MAP(]"
Text item=GarageAttached_Door_Position	label="Garage Door (Attached) [MAP(]"

it displays as this:

And it looks the same when using this in the sitemap:

Switch item=GarageAttached_Door
Text item=GarageAttached_Door_Position

Are you seeing any transforms? If not, check that you have the MAP transform service installed.

Did you put the MAP back into the Items?

YES. I put the MAP back, remove the mapping at sitemap.
Switch Garage_Dr “Garage Door [(]”

Basically, with your original setting. and
sudo chown -R openhab:openhab /etc/openhab2/transform/

I used exactly what you had in your original post, replaced with my items, and changed the quotes (somehow they didn’t copy/paste as quotes), and I get the same as I see them:

I’m not sure how else to help! What version of OH are you on? I’m running 2.2.0 snapshot build 1002.

2.2.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1003

What do you see here?

I didn’t install the transformations Add-ons. It should be the reason. But my default.item files is lost for unknown reason. I had to make a new one now

update: After those Transformation add-ons installed, now everything works as it’s. Thank you.

Alright! Get the map transform service in and you should be good to go! Hopefully you didn’t have too many items to redo :persevere:.

Awesome, this got me up and running! Thanks Scott. The only snag I ran into which isn’t related to zwave is that my craftsman garage door isn’t compatible with the gd00z-4 since it has a “smart controller” that doesn’t send a dumb push button pulse to open the door. :frowning: I guess I need to look into doing some soldering…

Thanks again for the help!


Got the transform working…stupid me miss named it…duh! Anyways, in the map file is the conversion for opening and closing…I don’t get those, only open and closed. Do I have to create a while rule for checking the state?

No rule is needed. The 252, 253, 254 are received by the opener from the tilt sensor that goes on the door. Look at section 8 of the installation manual. IIRC, step 2 was needed to sync the tilt sensor. There is also a plastic pull tab that covers the battery on the sensor. Or maybe you just need a new battery!


Well there is no instruction to sync the sensor, tab is pulled…get 0 and 255. Opener is brand new.

Did you power it on and then do a manual open and close? I think I remember initially having this issue, but this was what got the tilt sensor to sync up.

I dont think i did. Should i do a reset? Think its hit the link button 5x…

I doubt you would need to exclude/include to get the tilt sensor working. I would try power cycling and then manually opening/closing. If that doesn’t work, I’d put a voltmeter (or tongue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) on that battery to make sure it’s still good.

Ok, thanks, ill try