Openhab2 and MQTT + SonOff Basic syntax for MQTT

*Hi , i’m running Openhab2 on a raspberry pi 3 and trying to configure MQTT for my SonOff Basic
with following manual.

I’m using the Visual Studio Code method because i’ve got a lot of SonOff Basics

When you forward the youtube video till 9:34 you see the VSC in action.

In the folowing sentence i’m trying to find the replacement for the word “Senthaus” for my system

Switch Switch5 (gSonoff) {mqtt="[Senthaus:cmnd/SonoffP2/POWER:comand:ON:1…

I think this is te name from my MQTT broker , but don’t know excatly so i need help.

Anyone ?

Thx ! :slight_smile:

This video is out of date
I assume that you are using the MQTT binding version 2

Follow this: Sonoff Tasmota with MQTT Binding 2.4 (using config files)