Openhab2 and my openhab-cloud connector, new items not visible, deleted not removed

Hi everybody,

i’m new to the openhab community and i set up a new openhab2 installation in january on my raspberry pi. i use zwave-binding to connect to my remote devices. i installed the zwave-binding, added devices as things, created items and links between things and items. Then i created a simple sitemap. so far so good.

for using remote access and implementing presence detection via IFTTT i installed the openhab cloud connector to connect to cloud-service. in the cloud-connector i have items defined which should be visible to the and so also visible to IFTTT.
My first items are visible in myopenhab. But i had to do some changes. I added items (without linking to things, because they are only virtual for presence detection), and i wanted to delete some items. But this changes are not reflected in the cloud.
Cloud connection works fine. I can verify this because if i make changes in the cloud-connector-service (mark or unmark items to be shown in the cloud), i see log entries from cloud-connector-service for disconnect and connect to the cloud. Also i can access my dashboard from Event IFTTT driven commands are working for items already in item-list. But i cannot change the items in the list anymore.

Any ideas would be great,

Matthias (Germany)

Are you trying to delete obsolete items from the list of items that are communicated to myopenhab? That should be possible via the PaperUI Configuration Services - openHAB Cloud Configuraton. Just deselect those Items that are no longer needed. If that isn’t working you should file an issue on Github.
If you are talking about removing already communicated items from myopenhab. Here you can only delete all items (at leat to my knowledge) . Hover the mouse over your displayed EMail and click on Account.

Ok. I found the place in my account-settings where to delete all items.
The problem is more that newly selected items in cloud-connector, which are not yet in as items, are not added to the list of items in
Deselected items results not in removing the items from itemlist. But the last answer leds me to question in b)

Did i understand you correct, that deselecting an item which as already send events to are not deleted by deselecting? Does deselecting only means, that events are no longer send?

regards Matthias

On your a.)
If an item, selected on PaperUI to be communicated to myopenhab, is not yet in myopenhab, it can’t be in the list on myopenhab.
Deselecting an item on PaperUI does only stop the communication to myopenhab. If that item was already sent to myopenhab, and is therefore on the list, will remain in the list until this list gets deleted on myopenhab. In other words, the answer on your question b.) is YES

Thanx for your answer Jürgen so far,

i understood what you told about, that deselection openhab-cloudconnector-service does not delete items in cloud, only stops event-processing. And if i want to delete such an item i have to delete ALL items by choosing “Delete Items and Events” in my Account-Settings?!

Your answer to my point a) concerning adding items i understand so far as it looks like the reverse of deselection. So selecting an item in opencloud-service-connector only enables event processing between my local openhab installation and the cloud? But how do i get the new items into the itemlist of
I have some items from my first tries with but i cant add my new items. Tried to enable them in myopenhab-cloud-connector. Am i missing a thing?

kind regards


found myself what my misunderstanding was and solved. i thought that when activating an item in the cloud-connector-service this will be added as an item to So i waited for my item to appear before further testing and nothing happend.
Extracting from the discussion above with Jürgen i realized that the activation and deactivation of an item in the cloud-connector-service belongs to an adding or removing of items in This is the misunderstanding.
The point is, that activating and deactivating items in the connector service only enables or disables senden/receiving events between my openhab instance and the cloud.
So after adding an item in habadmin (for example as switch) and activating it in the cloud-connector-service i added it into my sitemap to do an action on it. so i send the switch to status ON. After doing this, the item appeared in item-list. :slight_smile:

I am have installed OH2 on my Synology DS410 (DSM 5.2-5967 Update 2), with Java SE Embedded 8 1.8.0_6-0041.

I am trying to connect with Here’s where I am:

  • Discovered Sonos speakers and Wemo switch things and added as Controls,

  • installed the my.openHAB extension (misc-myopenhab-2.0.0.b3), which created the uuid and secret files,

  • created user account with uuid and secret credentials,

  • account shows “Your openHAB is not online.”,

  • logged into iOS app with user account. On local wifi network, the app shows Things list and successfully turns on/off WeMo switch,

  • describes configuring the add-on in Paper UI under Configuration->Services->IO->openHAB Cloud, but there is no “IO” interface, and seemingly no way to configure the myopenhab connector.

  • Tried rebooting NAS; restarting openHAB service; unintalling/reinstalling my.openHAB extension.

  • Searched for openHAB Cloud Connector in Paper UI, and searched for an install pkg with no luck.

  • Searched the NAS system for openHAB Cloud Connector-related config file without luck, but I have not so far done any direct editing of config files so I may not know where to look.

I don’t know if my.openHAB is the wrong connector for the service? Or maybe I am overlooking something obvious?

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Hello Jürgen and McD. Sorry for replying to this old thread, but I’m not able to find a straight forward answer to the (b) part of this thread anywhere in this community.

So, the question is, if I have 20 items on myopenhab, what is the correct way to remove only 1 of these?

…I guess I could remove them all, then the items that are still active would start appearing again automatically. Would this be the recommended way remove a single item? I get a big warning when I press this button, so I’m a bit afraid I will break something. :slight_smile: Just trying to get rid of these out of date items from my Google Home dashboard.