OpenHAB2 and UNiFI-Controller in VM

So I have a Question about the topic. I ran OpenHAB on Debian installed via openhabian-script in a virtual Maschine on Proxmox. Unifi-Controller is the same.

When I rstart the Proxmox PC it tooks unbelivable time to get Openhab2 able to login to the Unifi Controller.

OpenHAB waits over 5 minutes with the start behind the Unifi-Maschine. Both Maschins are spend with rich hardware-resources (4 Cores, 3 to 4 GB Ram).

I don’t understand, why the Unificontroller needs this horrable time to get ready. Is there anyone, how had the same issues or staff like that? Is there a resolution to speed up the Unifi-App?

Thx - Fossi