openHab2 BasicUI and ClassicUI icons missing

I have switch and dimmer items in my sitemap all defined the same way through paperUI. When I look at them in both BasicUI and ClassicUI, only one of the items has an icon showing up. Also all of the group items have icons on them.
I did not define any categories for these items, so I would expect the standard switch and dimmer icons to appear. As one of the items does show the icon and all are defined through PaperUI the same way, I don’t understand where it goes wrong. When I put in “switch” in the category field in PaperUI, the icon does appear.
Does anyone have a suggestion on what to look for?

You might file an issue on github. Assuming you did everything exactly the same, you should be seeing the same behavior across all your Items.

Issue created.

Not sure if it is the right place but are the missing icons are coming or someone has one of these special ? icons?

I need a printer and robot for my basic ui? Can someone help me out?

They recently created the idea of icons sets (see Material Design Icons) and narrowed down the list of icons that are required to be part of a valid icon set. Perhaps when that happened the docs didn’t get updated or files moved around which broke the docs. But I understand that the icons are still installed so if you use cleaningrobot as an icon it will still work in your setup.

Mhhhh…for me it is not working in my basic ui :frowning: that’s why I asked for^^


I’m not sure what has happened to them then.

Switch 	ping_xiaomi_vacuum 		"Xiaomi Vaccum [MAP(]" 			<cleaningrobot> (gStatusNetwork)	{ channel="network:pingdevice:ping_xiaomi_vacuum:online" }