Openhab2 + Busware CUL433 (Intertechno )working?

Hello everybody,

I am thinking to migrate my system from FHEM to OH2.
I am curious wether there is a way to integrate the CUL and my intertechno devices into OH2 ?
All i was able to find via searching on google where some little inforamtions regarding OpenHab1 .

Thanks a lot in advance


I think you need Homegear [1] and the Homegear Binding for OpenHab 2.


I’m using OH2 on a RasPI2 with a CUL 866 stick ( I could use the 433 version even better) in order to switch my powerpluggs. They are not Intertechno (Elro and REV) but the CUL Intertechno binding is working like charm using the “raw” method.
I did start with the OpenHabian installation and needed only the mentioned CUL Intertechno binding.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Do you have a quick how to ? All i can find are tutorials for OH1. :frowning:

The major startup suggestions are posted above (when using a Raspi use Openhabian/ just install binding CUL Intertechno ).
For the setup of your Items read the docs of the binding ( the OH 1 ones are Stil valid xmt for the location of config parameters.In OH1 all were in openhab.cfg, with each setting starting with something like “culintertechno:”. In OH2 you put those settings into a culintertechno.cfg, omitting the “culintertechno:” part in each line.
I’ll try to post my .cfg as soon as possible

My culintertechno.cfg( my CUL stick is detected as ttyACM0 )


My Items (I’m using Elro and REV type switches which react on mesages send in raw mode )

Switch Elro_Weiss “Elro-Weiss” (EG_Wohnzimmer) {culintertechno=“type=raw;address=00000FFF0F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0”} /* Intertechno Code A15, Elro weiß */
Switch REV_A “REV_A” (EG_Flur) {culintertechno=“type=raw;address=000FFF0FFF;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0”} /REV Dose A , old devices, will toggle on both comands!!!/

Thats a nice tip ! Too see your .cfg would also help alot :slight_smile:

…and for the usable range.
Although using a CUL 866 with an antenna for the high frequency I get the messages send to the switches from one floor to the other in case of my old (hardcoded) REV switches . The Elro type ones are newer and do receive the commands only within a floor (50 sqm).

Hello, one last question .
Does OpenHab recieve devicestate changes through the CUL as well ?
Lets say I create a lamp that also has a physical Intertechno button.
When pressing the Intertechno button does the state in OH change as well ?

Thanks a lot

In my setup (using a CUL 866) I’m not getting any messages back, however I don’t THINK that you will get messages back, For example my sitches are sometimes out of sync (i.e. showing OFF on sitemap although the lamp is ON) just because someone used the original remote of the pluggs.