OpenHAB2 cannot recognize Z-Wave Nodon Wall Switch CWS-3100

I am trying to discover Z-Wave device Nodon Wall Switch (CWS3100) using Z-Stick Aeotec Gen5 in my openHAB2 installation.
I just put the ZWave controller in inclusion / discovery mode, and after that I follow device instructions, but cannot properly discover device. After discovery process I see new thing called “Z-Wave Node #” in the inbox in openHAB2 but labelled as “Unknown device” so seems like the device is discovered but not identified.

Any ideas? How long is supposed the discovery process will take? I am using default 30 seconds. I have read in some posts that the discovery for some devices can take hours…

Thanks in advance

There is no CWS3100 in the database.


You need to upload the xml file for that node in your /userdata/zwave folder to the database.
Take a look here on how to do that:

Sorry, it is CWS-3101. So is supposed to be supported, right?

Yes, but some basic information are missing:

But it looks like it has been included into the binding. You may need to use a recent zwave snapshot or development version of the zwave binding, though.

I guess you are referring to the zwave stick inclusion/exclusion timeout? If you indeed set the device to 30 seconds, it will drain the battery in probably one or two weeks …

Only if you let the device wake up on its own. Wake it up manually serveral times to speed that up. Take a look in your manual on how to do that.
And please find the time to update the database with the missing information:


thanks for the answer.

I asked Chris Jackson yesterday and told me that the missing information should not be a problem.

Sorry, but I am not sure how to use a recent Z-Wave snapshot or deveopment version of the z-wave binding. I just installed the binding from the OH2 web interface. Please, could you explain where to get this from?

About updating database, not sure I can do right now. Perhaps need to ak for rights to do so?

And one more question, that database (cd-jackson website) is checked by the openHAB Z-Wave binding at runtime when discovering Z-Wave devices?

Thanks again,

No, it is compiled into the binding. That is the reason why you are out of luck if you are on an old stable 2.3 release with newer devices.

Sure, read the first couple of posts in this thread:

Note that you need to upgrade only if manually waking up the device does not help (but according to Chris answer it should help)

Yes, that is the reason I provided the link to the database guide.

I use two such switches a year back, but have abandoned them.
They were very hard to include (had to do it 10cm from controller) and after a few months they was not seen by the controller anymore. Happened 2 times.
Read of my struggles here.

If you still have possibility to return them do so.
If not, they could be usable with direct association.

I ended up using this instead. A delight to include, does not drop connection and always work on first press.