Openhab2 console default login/password wont work

openhab and habopen result in “permission denied, p;lease try again”. I can access through paperui, but not through console. Where is this login/password configured for the console?


See this link:

If that doesn’t help, share the contents of your

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Thank you. Dunno how I overlooked that.

Hello, I have a problem to update my OH 2.0 to 2.1 because the password is wrong. When I try to change it or copy and use it in console from it doesn’t work. Could help me?

“openhab = {CRYPT}4F61A0FD056BC0FD8231899EC4D9F9CA06AF0DEC895B2A3B0773F6FBC1C99776{CRYPT},g:admingroup
g:admingroup = group,admin,manager,viewer,systembundles”