openHab2 EnOcean binding EEP protocoll D2-50-00,01 (ventilation system)

Hi all,

I want to buy a ventilation system which can be controlled via enocean:

I am new to enocean and I need some advice. I want to get the USB300 gateway for communication.
The ventilation system communicates with the EEP protocoll D2-50-00,01 and it can be connected to a gateway via this protocol.

I only have a german manual for the ventilation system; EnOcean is listed on page 17:
Manual (ger)

Does anyone know, if I can connect my openhab setup (running on a raspberry) via the USB300 gateway to the ventilation system?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Christoph!

I am currently working on the same thing. I have a Dimplex WE50 and the enocean USB300 on a raspi with openhab running.
The good thing: i was able to control the ventillation System.
But: i couldn’t find out so far how to get the Feedback, like what’s the current ventillation stage…
Maybe some transformation map could help?
Did you find out more?


Hi Berti,

That sounds promising.
Our house is not finished yet, so I have no hardware yet to test. We will move in in October. I will give you an update as soon as I can do some testing.

I just read about this binding, so I also think that we need to convert the info, e.g. by a map.

Are you happy with your ventilation?

Best regards,

Hi Christoph,

some things I could find out so far:

  1. with FHEM (?), some guys found a way to get it running. See here:
    I think with this information, a mapping perhaps could be done also with Openhab?!

0 => “off”,
1 => 1,
2 => 2,
3 => 3,
4 => 4,
11 => “auto”,
12 => “demand”,
13 => “supplyAir”,
14 => “exhaustAir”

  1. Unfortunately it seems, that only certain production versions of this ventilation system supports the “feedback way”.

das Geräteprofil EEP D2-50-xx wird erst ab einer bestimmten Gerätegeneration und Software-Version unterstützt. Voraussetzung ist ein DL 50 WE/WH Generation 2 mit Software-Version 21 oder höher.

Mine is a WE2 with S/V 2.1, so it should fit - I guess. (===> You can find it on the label in the inner side of the cover of the ventilation system.)

  1. Maybe this tool can help to analyize the incoming EnOcean Messages:
    I think I will give it a try.

  2. I have this ventilation device in toilet & bath. So far we are quite happy with that Dimplex DL WE2. The functionality is simple, with no failures up to now. Only the filter has to be changed twice a year. But thats no problem. I just take it out, blow it with compressed air and fine.

So finally I am very positive to get it running with enocean on openhab. I will give an update, as soon as I know more.

Best regards!

No need to reverse engineer anything. The EEP ist documented:

I have begun to implement it:

  • Basic Status Message partly done
  • Extended Status Message not implemented yet (only needed to get software version and operation hours)
  • Ventilation Remote Transmission Request not imlemented yet (i.e. no RefreshType support yet)
  • Ventilation Control Message not implemented yet (i.e. no Commands yet)

Hi @abrenk.

I have installed the EnOcean Binding on my Pi3 (EnOcean Pi) and added one of my Dimplex DL50WE2 using Auto Discovery to OpenHAB. It was added as enocean:genericThing in the status UNINITIALIZED. I also got following warning:

2021-03-14 02:50:35.492 [WARN ] [fig.discovery.DiscoveryResultBuilder] - Representation property '058xxxxx' of discovery result for thing 'enocean:genericThing:xxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxx' is missing in properties map. It has to be fixed by the bindings developer.

I suppose that you have not finished your developments and have not committed the implementation to the original repository. Will this issue go away when you have - or did I do anything wrong? Thank you.

Did anyone manage to make it work?
The generic thing isn’t working at all, I can’t even display the raw data although I see the data submitted from the ventilation system in the debug logs

I assume that the implementation is still missing. I am also highly interested in a working solution.

Have you got it running? I have seen you submitted a fix concerning the discovery of the devices: [enocean] Fix discovery of D2-50 devices by davidgiga1993 · Pull Request #10577 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Yep, works fine after applying the fix :slight_smile:

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Everything works fine. Thank you very much!


How did you pair the Dimplex DL 50 WE2 device with openHAB?

I have Raspberry PI + openHAB + EnOcean USB and a few working EnOcean devices. Auto-discovery does not find the Dimplex device. I do not know how to put it in pairing mode (its manual is in German, which I do not understand). Just powering the Dimplex device does not put it in pairing mode, so I guess some secret combination of keys must be pressed on it?


Hi Vasil.

Yes, you have to put it in pairing mode. The process is described on page 9 (section 3.6.7: setup remote control) in the manual.

  1. Download the German manual from

  2. Translate it online. I tried this and I got a well-translated document:

Best regards

Thanks, Andreas, you are the best! I paired it and it seems to be working - both receiving live data like fan rpm and able to send commands to it.

Dear OpenHab Community,
Hey @vasild,

I am failing to pair the DL50 to the OpenHab. Currently I have three DL50er systems.

The EnOcean gateway connects to an ESP3 device.
Remaining Base ID Write Cycles: 255
APP Version:
Description: TCM515
API Version:
Chip ID: 04224DCF
Base ID: FFA6F780
Postmaster mailboxes:0

Pairing it with a “classic” button alias “Dimplex ACS FS Funk-Bedienschalter” is working fine. The Button does also show up in OpenHAB.

UID: enocean:rockerSwitch:3163046bdd:FEE8E565
label: BUTTON
thingTypeUID: enocean:rockerSwitch
enoceanId: FEE8F565
receivingEEPId: F6_02_01
bridgeUID: enocean:bridge:3163046bdd

Anybody have a hint what to do?


  1. Confirm the pairing mode on the DL50
  2. Add a new Thing: enocean
  3. Click on SCAN

→ Nothing is showing up

Thank you for every hint