Openhab2 Hager RF setup - basics

Dear All

Let me resume my project as follow:

  • HAGER control switch and dimmer (TR201, TR210, WKT302R)
  • HAGER TJA665 Easy configurator for very basic configuration.
  • HAGER TR131B media coupling from RF to BUS.
  • ETS5 for basic programming (knx adresses)
  • Busware Pigator KNX/IP Gateway on Raspberry pi3B
  • Openhabian on Raspberry pi4

Target would integrate the existing Hager items to openHAB, until now:
OpenHAB is connected successfully over KNX/IP gateway (tunnel).
Things TR131 is connected successfully (1.5.0)

But I can not add the switch and dimmer (1.5.xx as configured over ETS).
They are allways offline. Do I miss anything?
Is there any step by step recommandation on Hager RF installations?

Many thanks
Kind regards