openHab2 Homematic Binding, HM-CC-RT-DN offline

Hi all,

I am trying to swtich from my fhem installation to openHab2 (current snapshot) on a Raspberry Pi 2. I have successfully installed my HM-CFG-USB as a gateway. It is shown as a Homematic Bridge in the Paper UI. When I scan for new things my (in homegar peered) HM-CC-RT-DN thermostat is found and added as a thing.

My problem: the HM-CC-RT-DN is shown as “offline” (OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR). Can someone give me a hint why it is offline and where I have to search for reasons etc.?

Thanks and kind regards,


Hi again,

think I found the fault. The hmland service wasn’t started. (Does anyone know how to start it on rPi boot? My solution didn’t work…)