OpenHab2 Homematic variables no update


i am new to openhab2 but quite familiar with homematic. I try to sync a HM variable to openhab, therefore i created in HM a Switch as discribed in the binding-doc, and in openhab an item to do the ‘Action=Reload_Variables’.
The Config.log looks good, but the GUI did not change status of the variable.

Whats going wrong, thanks in advance

Hi Detlev,

which version are you using? There are some issues regarding the variables and as far as I know some have been solved since the release of OH2.

Are you using a CCU or Homegear?

Hi Martin,

i am using OH2 Version, Homematic Binding is 2.0.0. I’am using a CCU2 with FW 2.25.15.

The modifications I have mentioned have been done after the OH2 release and are only available in the snapshots builds.

You are mentioning a “config.log” in your first post. I don’t know this log file. Or do you mean openhab.log? If the log shows that the value has changed it may also be a problem of the GUI (I know there are some discussions about update problems in the Basic UI).
In which GUI did you see the problem? Basic UI or also on the “Control” page of Paper UI?

Martin, sorry the name of the log ist events.log in /var/log/openhab2.
The Problem is in BasicUI, …not checked in PaperUI. I will try to use snapshot build, …but have to read the doc in advance.

You can try a manual update in Basic UI (F5 in most browsers). If the value is updated then it is a known problem in Basic UI.