Openhab2 how to group items


i think its a noob question :slight_smile: but im trying to find solution since serveral days.

howto group items in openhab2 ?
all items are created in PaperUI simple mode.

i have created a group

Group Battery

and want to add all “Battery Level” items to this group for sending some mail notification.

paperui or habmin wont let me add group to items.

also i see oh2 did categorizing them into “Category”

how to use this ?

As far as I know, you cannot do this in PaperUI Simple Mode. You need to define the Items and add them to Groups. In Simple Mode you have no ability to change anything about the Item which includes adding it to a group.

I’m not even certain you can do it through PaperUI at all. I use .items files myself.