Openhab2 installation Habmin is missing

I followed the instructions in here to install openhab2 2.0.0-1
When I hit http://localhost:8080/start/index I see PaperUI and Habpanel but not Habmin (or should I see Habmin2?)
How can I get Habmin to show up in the web interface?

I found the answer in here.
Added habmin to addons.conf

cat /var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.openhab.addons.cfg
ui = paper,habpanel,habmin

Hi. You can add habmin also over the Paper UI:

It´s easier without editing config file.


I don’t see the column USERS INTERFACES in my installation.
The only columns I have are: BINDINGS, VOICE, MISC
Why is that?