Openhab2 items and homekit

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Just wanted to know whether items that are autocreated though discovery can be modified. I’m running a Clipsal cubs lighting system. I’ve got the binding working and its auto creating the items (my lights). I wanted to modify the tags for use in homekit, but, can’t figure out a way to do it. HABmin has the tag field greyed. I tried through the HABmin things interface, but, then get an error about not being about to update non-managed items.

Also, I notice the binding is creating unique names such as cbus:light:59f1d23a:home1:1. Using this is ok for most applications as I can change the label to something more meaningful such as “family room light”,but, if I eventually map them through tags into homekit the name cbus:light:59f1d23a:home1:1 would not be meaningful. A workaround would be to create a dummy home kit mappable item and then use rules to update on lighting change. That would be cumbersome. Any suggestions here?

Lastly, I don’t have much experience with home kit. The homekit binding creates one accessory which I understand is mappable to only one room. Is there a way to map the various items in the home kit accessory to multiple rooms rather than a single default room?

You will have to manually create the items. see Is there something like a "configuration item"? for how to disable simple (automatic) mode.

After switching off simple mode, you will have to define the items yourself (including linking them to things)

Thanks for the tip and link. My issue stemmed by not knowing how to link the manual item to the thing. All sorted now thanks.

Hi, I have clipsal cbus but can’t for the life of me get it working on OH2 is it at all possible?


Hi Matt

I’ve had it working in the past with my only issue being that openHAB wasn’t being updated when you changed the status of a channel ie openHAB would not know a light is on if the light was turned on using a cbus light switch. Other than that openHAB was more than capable of controlling cbus.

The Clipsal cbus binding was intitially contributed by Scott Linton back in march last year and unfortunately has not been updated since as a result it’s currently working.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with a few ppl showing some interest in further development. Watch this space.

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Hey mate, have you managed to get cbus-my.openhab-ifttt working?

No I haven’t played around with with myopenhab or IFTTT.
I’m still playing around with HomeKit and creating rules/scenes using the Apple ecosystem. It’s working surprisingly well.

Hi All

I’ve got everything working perfectly fine, but, had a follow question regarding this. I’ve got a bunch of lighting items/things have been auto discovered and work perfectly when tested in Paper UI and used in HABPanel. To get them to work in homekit ive manually added entries into an items file and tage them appropriately for use in homekit.

Is there a way to tag the autodiscoved things/items in a UI such as PaperUI or HABmin for use in homekit without needing to create additional items in an items file for the same physical items?

*PaperUI discovered things/items.

HABPanel items.

.items file for homekit items

Resulting HABPanel with new homekit enabled items which are however duplicates to those above