Openhab2-jython (JSR223): call for maintainer

My smart home needs have changed and I’m migrating my system away from the openHAB framework. I’m also investing my time in other activities and don’t have the time to maintain a working development environment for openHAB for occasional use.

Therefore, I’m going to retire my openhab2-jython GitHub repository with the experimental JSR223 components and examples. I know several people are using the library. If anyone wants to take over the development, let me know. I’ll make a note about the new developer on the Wiki before I archive it.

If you’d rather discuss it off the list, PM me.


Hey Steve,

Thank you for your great work! Your library has paved the way for me. Unfortunately, I can understand your decision. Although the development with JSR223 scripts offers some advantages, in particular with regard to the execution speed, it is also very error-prone and expensive in debugging.

Unfortunately, I can not take over your project at the moment, but I would be very happy if someone would keep it alive.

Which system do you use now? What were the reasons for the change?


Thanks for your work @steve1, your contributions have been very valuable!

I’m also interested in knowing what platform you are currently using and the reasons :wink:

Best regards,


I could contribute to the jython/python part but unfortunately I have absolutely no java background.
If someone could contribute this (openhab internals and mechanics) I am happy to do some work.

With the traceback wrappers I found it way easier to debug than the original scripts.

The primary reason is that my needs have changed. I was doing more device automation and now my system has evolved more towards device control using voice control (Amazon Alexa). I rarely use the openHAB UI at this point and Alexa can control many of the devices directly without a separate hub. Where I need automation, I’ll either write the code myself or use a relatively lightweight framework like Node-RED.

My spare time is very limited and, in my opinion, openHAB requires too much overhead to do casual development work. It was frustrating that when I had a few evenings available to try to develop something to contribute to the project, I’d spend most of that time trying to build the code without errors in the Eclipse IDE.

Following a recent update, which broke logging, I spent hours diagnosing the problem. After researching the forums, I finally learned that a Karaf upgrade was the cause of the problem and that some config files needed to be copied to different locations. It was at that point that I decided I need a more stable solution that required less overhead for development and maintenance.

There’s a lot to like about openHAB, but it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Rules DSL (or the other DSLs). I also don’t like the item-based data model (prefer support for structured items), the static sitemap (I use a macro processor to generate my sitemaps), some of the poorly-designed core bindings (like the Exec binding), startup issues (bundle load order) and the separation of config files into many different subdirectories (prefer the locations to be configurable and flexible).

I thank @smerschjo for the JSR223 OH/OH2 code. He’s done a great job and showed extreme patience during the year it required for the PR to be merged.

Thanks for your contributions. As I’m not directly using your extensions, I cannot maintain those features. Nonetheless I keep maintaining my own compatibility layer found at

I join your frustration on build problems regarding openhab/smarthome and the eclipse IDE. During the last month I upgraded my setup to the latest stable release which was quiet frustrating as different parts have completly changed.

Do you keep the OpenHAB version you have and combine Node-RED and OH2 or what framework do you use now? I had a peek at Node-RED as well, can you tell me more about your setup? :wink:

I want to remove a already registered rule from the automation manger.
For adding rules it has the addRule function. How do I remove it and the corresponding triggers?

@smerschjo: Can you help me out?

Steve, your repository is indeed valuable for the community and I’d love to take it on but I feel that I don’t have the deep knowledge to manage it by my own. I can’t speak for everyone but the thing is that I’m heavily depending on it and I do appreciate your great work a lot. It does add great value to openHAB jsr223 Jython scripting.

I had an idea this morning that those among us that use your repository could join a GitHub group to administer it together. By doing that, it wouldn’t have to be a “one man show” and the burden wouldn’t have to be so heavy for an individual developer. What do you think about that @steve1 ?

If you are willing to give it a try, I’d like to invite anyone interested to participate (developers and users in general) to join the group. The idea is to share not only the openhab2-jython repository but also other OH jython scripts. I for example will contribute with a Multi Zone Home Alarm Script for openHAB jsr223 jython

I’d also like to invite you other guys who have participated in this thread, @Philipp, @riturrioz, @Spaceman_Spiff, @smerschjo … No obligations whatsoever, just nice to have you onboard. Roles can be determined later. Please send me a Personal message with your GitHub username (or your e-mail) and I will send you an invitation to become a collaborator.

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