openHAB2 KNX Binding

Thank you @kgoderis, @sjka and others involved for working on a KnX Binding for openhab2!

I see a lot of discussion and commits in openhab2-addons - is there any way to try and test the current development status?



I’ve set up a local dev environment to compile and test the new binding.
But I guess this is a bit too much overhead for people who just want to try it out.

@Kai recently announced that openHAB now supports an IoT Marketplace. Perhaps it would make sense to put a dev-build there so that interested users can start testing it? The marketplace even supports automatic builds based on PRs. This would be a great chance to get some mileage on the code.

Ok, reading helps. :slight_smile:

The JAR is automatically built and can be downloaded here:

According to Kai:

This url can be directly used as the download url for the IoT marketplace.

What binding you are talking about? The KNX 1.9 binding or the KNX 2.x binding?

The latter. 2.x since its PR was referenced in the initial post.

Thank you for your replies!

Definetely I read a lot before posting - issues are just spread over so many threads, that i must have missed the ones @finkm is citing from.

I will test and let all know.


I tried to install the addon manually on raspbian (raspberry), i’ve put the jar file in the “openHAB-share/openhab2-addons/” and rebooted the raspberry.

I’m now searching for the config file but can’t find it.
Any suggestions?


That depends, ih you have openhab installed using an package manger (or so) or by using the download - functionality from

Hello Dieter,
if you are looking for the file where you configure the knx interface to be used - it is not needed anymore.
The knx Interface can be added as a thing from paper UI. Just press “+” and select the knx binding. This brings up the supported thing types, including the interface. Select it and configure it in the thing details.
At least that is how I did it :wink:

Of cause you can also use an UI generated config.

but, what is the best practice to backup the UI generated config?
Because of this question I still use/edit config-files with an editor. My way to backup my config is copying the files to backup place.
If an OH instance or an OH Server/Hardware crashed, I simply install an new OH system and inject the old config into the new OH installation.

I never bothered about backing up the config files as I run OH on a XEN server.
So I create a copy of the whole machine which allows me to avoid complete reinstalls. As the machines are very small in size that is the easiest solution for me and it is very fast.

I have stayed clear of Openhab for a while and used Node-RED directly to control my house (as it is simple with few devices), but I have never managed to get my KNX RF USB stick working correctly (with knxd). I have followed OH and understood for a while that the OH KNX 1.0 binding relies on knxd too, but also the Calimero Project ?

The Calimero Project now supports KNX RF USB directly, will the OH KNX 2.0 binding also support this directly without the use of knxd ? Because then I’m finally aboard too:slight_smile:

I have migrated my system to the openHAB2 KNX Binding. There are a few percent values (DPT 5.001) in the system, with Item definitions like this:

Number ActuatingValue_1                    "Actuating Value [%d %%]"                     <heating>     (HLK_SG_max) {channel="knx:device:bridge:BJ_6327_1-1-40:ActuatingValue" }

Before migrating these values have been Integers in the range 0-100, now they are Decimals between 0,0-1,0. As a consequence, the format string is inappropriate for the new range of the Item values.

As the system is on 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT, is there any way to use the newly introduced UoM to do the trick?

Hi, how can use the KNX Scenarios DTP 18.001 in binding-knx - 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT ?