OpenHAB2 & Lightwave

Hi all,

This will be my next challenge. I have over 60 Lightwave double sockets and light switches that I need to add to OpenHab. I know that 433 is not as good as Z-Wave but they were the only integrated wireless sockets I could find at the time. I didn’t want to use a Fibaro relay which affects power to both sockets simultaneously and no way was I going to use the ugly plugin sockets you can get.

I was running them on my Vera3, until it started playing up. I’ve moved all my Z-wave items from it to a Pi running Z-Way with a Razberry board.

What would be the best/easiest way to connect to my LWRF kit? Should I dig out and dust off my WiFi link or should I plug in my RFXcom 433 adapter into the Pi? Maybe use both to give better coverage around the house, ie upstairs & downstairs.

With the Vera it was dead easy to add these devices, put it in discover mode and then press an hold the button on the switch for three seconds. Doesn’t seem to be the same way of adding the devices in OpenHab, unless I’ve missed something.

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According to the readme for the 2.0 version of the RFXcom binding I think it will work exactly like that. It says that as soon as the binding receives communication from a device it automatically adds it to the Inbox. From there you can accept the Things, link them to Items, and away you go.

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Thanks, I must have looked at the old binding because I swear I never saw that. Either that or it’s the man flu that I am full of that increased my stupidity level.

Will give it a go just now :slight_smile: