openHAB2 mit Cul unter Windows

Hallo together,

i want to activate a nanoCul 433 under openHAB2 and win 10. I’ve read so many threads and googled so much time but found nothing. The Cul is working fine with FHem and Windows.
My questions:
is it possible?
Which jar files are needed and to which directory and where to find?
Wich entries are needed in the culintertechno.cfg. (Example for windows)
Other entries in other configs needed?
Is there a possibility to monitor the Cul in openHAB2?

Is there anyone who can explain step by step to make the Cul working?

thx a lot


My setup is on a Raspi and I’m using a CUL866, however the config should be the same

Here are the used entries of my culintertechno.cfg (without the comments!)


That’s all!
Sorry, I can’t say how the devicename is set on windows!
No extra jar should be needed, just the IntertechnoBinding (1.9.0 Version) Note I’m on the OH2 stable version!