Openhab2 / mqtt / homegear from docker to raspberry (openhabian)

Hi all,

im pretty happy with my docker installation of 3 containers using openhab2 / mqtt and homegear. But all works on my big NAS (OMV) and I dont wanna anymore that it runs 24/7 cause of power consument.

I wanna migrate there for these 3 containers to a raspberry.

I thought i could setup an openhabian and could restore any backups or somehting else ?!

What would be the best way to move/migrate or restore without loose any configurations ?

Thank you in advance and greetings from germany

Install the RPi using openHABian, use openhab-cli backup/restore to copy the OH config. For MQTT and homegear there’s AFAIK no such config copy available, so you have to re-config them from scratch.

openHABian comes with options to install Mosquitto and Homegear on the same box which has advantages over Docker (you need all the RAM for these apps).
You can install Docker, too, but I’d only try that on a 4GB RPi4.