Openhab2 + mqtt: PIR working, switch does not

I have just installed openhab2 with mosquitto and the mqtt gateway on my raspi. I made a motion sensor with an arduino nano, which totally works in openhab.The item entry is:
Number PIR “Bewegungsmelder” {mqtt=">[broker:mysensors-out/10/1/1/0/16:state:default]"}

Now I wanted to create a switch, which is basically a 433MHz module sending a 24 bit string to control a 433MHz wall plug.
Item entry:
Switch SW2 “Lampe” {mqtt=">[broker:mysensors-in/11/1/1/0/16:command:on:000000000000000000000111],[broker:mysensors-in/11/1/1/0/16:command:off:000000000000000000000110]"}

Now when I add the switch to my basic ui and I toggle it, nothing happens. When I send the 24 bit via mqtt.fx to the topic mysensors-in/11/1/1/0/16 it works. But when I toggle the switch in openhab, I don’t see an entry in mqtt.fx

What did I do wrong?

I think you need to look at your direction > arrows. You think you need to have them before [ on each entry in the list. As far as I can see you only have them as outward directions, and I am not sure how your setup is working.

Nope, everything ok there. It was a more… simple solution. I had SW1 in the sitemap file instead of SW2…

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