Openhab2 My.openhab offline (I think it's a port foward issue ! )

Hi it’s m’y first try to make my.openhab work and it’s said it’s offline… I enter the right UUID and secret but nothing

I think my issu is I change the default port of openhab BUT I can’t found any documentation on where to change the my.openhab port in OPENHAB2


did you drag the openhabcloud.jar addon into the addons folder

Eh … no … !

I tought i didn’t need to do that in openhab 2

are you online?

No still offline … like i said on openhab 1 I had to change the port in openhab.cfg … but there is no openhab.cfg in openhab2

Are you using or is the old service (and about to be discontinued), so you should use myopenhab.

Uninstall the old my.openhab binding, delete all related files (cfg, persist) and start over using the new service based on the documentation you can find here:

And yes, there is no openhab.cfg in OH2. And also yes, you don’t need to put any jar files to any folders…

Try to see if this gets you going.

Thank you ! I try to do what you suggest since 2 days but in the PaperUI I can’t uninstall my.openhab… when i click on uninstall it’s turn around infinitely …

I try to restart Openhab and i’m still unable to uninstall it

EDDIT : I just test and I can’t install any add-on too