Openhab2 + nanoCUL + Intertechno

Hi there

I want to switch my Intertechno Sockets with openhab2.

So i installed the intertecho Binding and changed the culintertechno.cfg device name
to “device= /dev/ttyUSB0”

Then I make a new intertechno.items file and write:

"Switch TischV3_2 “TischV3_2” { culintertechno=“type=raw;commandOn=00000000FF;commandOff=00000000F0” } "

And I create in Sitemap:

Switch item=TischV3_2

If i Switch the Symbol in the Basic UI nothing happens. My Intertechno Socket is Coded in A1.

  • I tried to communicate in Screen : sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0
    Then i get a new Window, but i can’t write anything… ( Shift V )

May someone can help me

The culintertechno.cfg should have such an entry:


This is assuming your nanoCUL is connected as USB0!

As long as you can not switch by using the screen command you have a problem on the nanoCUL side! Is the nanCUL really connected as USB0?
Once it is working with the screen, close the screen and start with OH.

How did you setup openHAB, if it was via openhabian everything should be set up correctly,.