Openhab2: Not Connected to the DSC Alarm!


I’m back!

I’ve finally got settled into the new house and started to get all the gadgets set up again. The big one was obviously removing the crappy Texecom alarm the builders had installed and replacing it with a shiny new DSC system!

I took the opportunity to make the leap from OH 1.8 to 2 and have been working my way through getting it connected to the Envisalink.

I’ve tried to follow the ‘migration from 1.x’ instructions, and I can get the Paper UI to ‘discover’ the bridge, panel etc. But the log is constantly erroring with “Not Connected to the DSC Alarm!”

I know I’m only just beginning down this setup, but I can’t find anything relevant by searching…



Hello @tinkerfailure,

Have you entered the password in the configuration for the Envisalink bridge? This can be done in the PaperUI.

Best regards,