Openhab2 not Windows 10 ready?

After Beta 3 finally was released, I just downloaded the latest daily build and just try to start it over start.bat
But the following errors occure.
But I can assure that I use many other JAVA programs that don’t have any issues.

So, is this a know issue?

Kind regards

this is definitely an issue with your JAVA installation. I guess your JAVA_HOME setting uses spaces that you escaped with quotation marks. Please try to remove them and check again.
I can ensure you that openHAB2 runs on Windows10, at least it does here.

I have to say sorry!
I don’t know JAVA that good, I had just know that many JAVA Apps are running fine, but it seems that my JAVA_HOME was not set.
I did that now, and everything works great!

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards