OpenHab2 on a Raspberry connecting to RaspberryMatic

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 with RPI-RF-MOD
    • OS: OpenHABian
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_152” OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu Embedded (build 1.8.0_152-b76) OpenJDK Client VM (Zulu Embedded (build 25.152-b76, mixed mode, Evaluation)
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0
    • RaspberryMatic CCU: Version:
  • Issue of the topic:

I would like to add my Homematic things which are controlled by a RaspberryMatic on a different Pi (IP: But I am stuck, I do not know what the problem is. Maybe you can help me?

After the first install, some of the things were detected, but not all of them. After a fresh install of the openHABian, no things are detected, just the CCU.

But as I read the last days, I think it’s better to configure the system via text files. The bridge configuration seems to be ok, as it’s reported as online. But the HM-CC-RT-DN I wanted to add is not working.

See below for the ones I created. I also tried it with HG- in front, but I do not know if I have this HomeGear in use. I just have the RPI-RF-MOD with RaspberryMatic. But this didn’t work either.

Thanks in advance for your help! I think the openHAB eco-system is exactly the one I need and I would not like to get stuck at the beginning because of a PEBKAC on my side…

  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    • Items configuration related to the issue
      Number WZ_Heizung_ActTemp “WZ_Heizung Ist-Temperatur [%.1f °C]” (Heating_WZ,WZ,Temperatures) {channel=“homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:ccu:OEQ2144659:4#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE”}

    • Things
      Bridge homematic:bridge:ccu “CCU Homegear Bridge” @ “Wohnzimmer” [ gatewayAddress=“” ]
      Thing HM-CC-RT-DN OEQ2144659 “Heizstellglied” @ “Wohnzimmer”

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    • Services configuration related to the issue

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Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR Device with address ‘OEQ2144659’ not found on gateway ‘ccu’

openhab> smarthome:things list
homematic:bridge:3014Fxxxxxxxxxx (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=eQ3-HmIP-CCU3-App -, Bridge=null)
homematic:bridge:4bxxxx (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=Homematic Bridge, Bridge=null)
homematic:bridge:ccu (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=CCU Homegear Bridge, Bridge=null)
homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:ccu:OEQ2144659 (Type=Thing, Status=OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_ERROR): Device with address ‘OEQ2144659’ not found on gateway ‘ccu’, Label=Heizstellglied, Bridge=homematic:bridge:ccu)