OpenHAB2 on DS213+ offline in Cloud, need newer Java

I have latest openHAB 2 running on DS213+ with Java 8 update 6.
Oracle doesn’t support PowerPC processor in DS213+ in later updates.
I learned that openHAB Cloud needs at least update 101.

Is there any workaround to get OpenHAB online in Cloud on DS213+?

I have no experience with Synology, but maybe this helps:

… or check this thread:

Thanks for the link and tread.
The OpenHAB2 installation works just fine, I can manage my Milights. That is, local.
I want to use IFTTT and Alexa for voicecontrol. To enable those I need the cloud service to work and for that I need Java 8 update 101 or higher, which seems unavailable for DS213+.

What I basicly need (besides a Rasp or newer Synology NAS :-)) is a way to install the required Java version OR a way to let the cloud connection works with Java 8 update 6.

Yes, that is what I did understand.

So the PCLoadLetter package does not work for the DS213+?

The PCLoadLetter package works just fine, only most recent package is update 6 for DS213+

Op 1 jun. 2017 11:17, om 11:17, SiHui schreef:

Also t[quote=“Marchel, post:6, topic:29277”]
only most recent package is update 6 for DS213+

That’s bad :sunglasses:

I don’t know the steps but what you will need to do is add the LetsEncrypt Certificate Authority as a trusted CA in the Java CA store.

That is the big difference between pre 101 and post 101 that is required to use

I’m not certain how to do this on a normal system let alone a Synology environment, but I hope this will give you enough to do some research.

Thanks for your help.
I can import or create a certificate in DSM (Synology) but can’t find the where and how for the LetsEncrypt Certificate Authority as a trusted CA in the Java CA store.

Is there some download or something I can import or an URL I can refer to to create a certificate?

I don’t know the answers to any of the questions but would start with the LetsEncrypt website and lots of good searches.

Ok, thanks!!

Op 2 jun. 2017 22:27, om 22:27, Rich Koshak schreef:

I have had the same problem with DS213+ and tried hard for updating java. No chance. Eventually, I migrated to Raspi. Much better in terms of OH than Synology!!

Ok, Thanks. Stopped searching and bought myself a Raspian Pi

Hello all

unfortunately bying a Pi is not the solution I am willing to choose at this moment, and I do have the same issue on my installation running on a Synology 218:

Openhab2, Version
Java8, Version 8.0.161-0015

I followed the installation guide here:, entered UUID and secret, restarted the NAS and OH2, still on it says “Your Openhab is not online”. Openhab itself runs without problems and can be reached from within the local network.

Any idea what I’m missing? Thx!